Jenn Holcomb, Ph.D., LMFT, BCB, BCB-HRV, BCN, EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

I am a family therapist and psychophysiologist who believes that the key to health is learning how to connect your mind and body.   I specialize in treating trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, stress disorders, and provide medical family/individual therapy services. Medical family therapy provides support to individuals and their families as they are coping with the many challenges that are part of various medical conditions. 

My goal is to help each person feel seen, important, strong, and recognize the full potential they have to overcome whatever obstacles they are facing. I encourage my clients to see diagnosis as something they can overcome or allow to be a part of their life without defining them as individuals. I believe that the path to healing comes from knowing yourself and seeing your strengths and struggles as necessary parts of your journey. 

My approach to mental wellness is individualized and whole person centered.  I offer a variety of evidence-based treatment options to support each person and family’s path to wellness.  I am board certified in EMDR, behavior analysis, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and heart rate variability. In addition, I also utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems therapy, mindfulness and meditation practices to treat the whole person and family.  My goal is for all clients to develop confidence and trust in their ability to implement evidenced approaches that improve their physiology, mental health, and quality of life.  

Dustin Holcomb, M Ed., BCBA, BCB Behavioral Psychophysiologist 

My training as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst equips me with a toolbox to facilitate positive improvements for those individuals whom are seeking positive change. I specialize in aspects of psychophysiology with the potential to support a wide-range of individuals including both children and adults. For example, individuals suffering from work or home related anxiety and stress or those who simply want to optimize their performance across those same environments. Additionally, children struggling to maintain attention and focus along with the potential for problem behavior in response to academic or social demands would benefit from my services.

My training in behavior analysis enables me to assess and develop treatment approaches centered on replacing undesirable behavioral patterns with more appropriate and functionally driven behavioral patterns significant to the individual. The addition of biofeedback as a treatment modality allows me to enhance treatment by targeting core elements of one's physiology directly to achieve optimal levels. In turn, neurofeedback further enhances treatment by allowing direct training of the central nervous system to achieve optimal functioning.

Peak/Optimal Performance is a unique area of specialization in which I improve physiological process specific to heart rate variability (HRV), respiration mechanics, sEMG (muscle biofeedback) in combination with behavior change strategies that assist clients in meeting performance goals.  I understand the focus required to achieve success at a high level because I am a competitive athlete myself. Examples of good candidates for this type of training not only include those in athletic competition but include individuals wanting to excel across situations. For example, preparing for high stakes exams, seeking improved self performance at work to obtain one's professional goals, or preparing for a specific race. Training that involves peak/optimal performance along with behavior analysis techniques work in tandem to improve both physical and cognitive performance across competitive settings.