At Integrative Mind & Body Wellness, LLC we specialize in providing mental, behavioral and psychophysiological treatment. Our goal is to assist a client's understanding of how their bodies, minds, and emotions work together. A person's overall functioning may be optimized by addressing aspects of the brain, body and mind separately, as well as, how those separate systems impact one another. In order to live one's best life, one needs understand and learn effective tools and strategies that allow one to proactively take action for adjusting one's psychophysiological functioning towards optimal levels.

The brain and body continually align and coordinate across a persons lifespan. Greater alignment and improved efficiency across both systems leads to improved responding to life's ever-changing situations. Adjustment towards optimal levels is achieved by incorporating aspects from some, or all, of various modalities within mental, behavioral, psychophysiological treatments. Where one individual may only require addressing a single area (ie, improved HRV & respiration), another may require those same training approaches along with mental health treatments centered on responding to trauma (ie. EMDR). Recognizing the unique needs of each individual and designing treatment packages that match those unique needs is central to our mission at Integrative Mind & Body Wellness, LLC.

Mental, Behavioral, Psychophysiological treatment

At Integrative Mind and Body Wellness, our team seeks to work with the entire person mentally, emotionally, physically, and relationally to ensure the highest quality outcomes. 

Mental health is something that should involve regular check ups in much the same way that we check on our physical health.   Integrative Mind & Body Wellness assists individuals in reflecting and understanding where they're at different times across ever evolving life situations. Next, we equip individuals with the tools required for effectively responding to those situations in ways that are positive and sustainable.

Mental, Behavioral & Psychophysiological Treatment Approaches: